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Bonnie is a playwright, award-winning actress, novelist, and holds degrees in Theater and Creative Writing. To read more about Bonnie see her ‘About’ section





Fourteen-year-old Patrick Morrison makes a bizarre, unexplainable discovery while exploring a drainage culvert with his friends. Obsessed with identifying what it is and how it got there, his search turns up some surprising clues. Certain he has found an answer to the mystery, Patrick ventures into the culvert one more time for proof. Another obstacle arises when he is almost swept away when water rushes out of nowhere. Deciding further investigation is too risky, Patrick persuades the boys to take a break from the hunt and finish the video they had been working on.
While filming the final scenes of the video, a series of unusual twists uncovers all the pieces of the puzzle Patrick searched for, bringing a surprising resolution to the riddle.

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